Raleigh To Uganda

I'm currently reading a book by Elisabeth Elliot titled, Keep A Quiet Heart. It's simple, yet complex and deeply life giving. The Spirit of peace whispers over every page, and Elliot’s words are drenched in a wisdom that only the Father can bring. This book is teaching me a discipline that seems to speak to all aspects of my life: trust. I thought I knew this word, but as simple as it sounds, it contains the power to change lives.  In fact, if we are truly trusting, our lives would probably look radically different. When I met the Via family the other day, I had the honor of seeing trust lived out in beautiful way.When I arrived at the Via home Monday morning, the weather was gray and the house in boxes. They greeted me with warm smiles and the presence of the Lord. There is stress in their lives but it is overshadowed with the trust I was talking about above. You see, Kelly and Smooth Via have been in a two year process of trying to adopt their daughter, Chloe, from Uganda, and they have run into more than a few hiccups. The U.S Embassy will not issue their daughter a VISA, and thus, they can not bring her home. After battling with devastating heartbreak and wondering why this would happen, Smooth clearly heard from the Lord. He said, "Fight for your daughter as I have fought for you." This is exactly what they are going to do. Smooth, Kelly, and their three precious daughters are moving to Uganda in a few short weeks. If they cannot bring Chloe home, they will take home to Chloe. As our conversation continued, it was clear to me that these people were, in fact, just people. People with a story. A hard story. What makes them different is their choice to react to their circumstances in faith rather than resentment. They are not people to romanticize or envy, but people to admire and glorify God for His presence in their lives. We can receive the hand we are dealt in trust and peace, or we can resent and blame. Life and peace will only be granted when we choose the first. Some of God's greatest gifts are the hardships which we must endure with absolute trust. “Gold is gold, but it has to go through fire. Faith is even more precious, so faith will always have another test to stand.” - Elisabeth Elliot.

To learn more about the Via family, and their journey, check out their website at: www.thevias.com