Our 1 Year Anniversary!

I could barely keep my eyes open. It was two in the morning and we had been traveling all day. We woke up in quaint hotel in Grand Cayman on Tuesday, January 24, 2012. We were hired to photograph a wedding the previous day and were exhausted from our 8 hour shoot. Despite our exhaustion, we were determined to make it back to DFW Airport by 11:00 pm Tuesday night to photograph a little boy’s homecoming. We made our flight to Miami and ended up on a flight that put us into Dallas around 10:00 pm. This was no ordinary homecoming. We had only ever documented one other homecoming, and it was of Archie during our first adoption trip. The reason we felt so compelled to document this particular homecoming was because this adoption was a direct result of our first adoption documentation. We photographed Archie’s adoption, put it online and posted the name of the adoption agency that the Eicher’s used. A woman in the DFW area, whom we had never met, was clicking through our images and wiping away tears with each new picture. She felt compelled to look through the adoption agency’s “unclaimed children”, when the Lord spoke to her, “This is your son; go get him.” She emailed us a few weeks later to inform us that because of our images the Lord had led her to a 5 year old boy living in Ukraine. For previously arranged engagements we could not travel with them to Ukraine to document their adoption, but we were beyond determined to photograph his homecoming! This is exactly what led us to DFW at 10:00 pm on January 24, 2012.

Brody and his dad stepped off their plane around 11:20pm and were welcomed by a crowd of soggy eyed, warm smiled, cheering friends and family. After the celebration ended and everyone went their separate ways, I stayed up way too late editing the beautiful, heart warming homecoming that we had just witnessed. To see a little boy wrapped up in his mother’s arms, when weeks previously he had never felt such an embrace, is a feeling and an image that will forever be etched in my memory.

The next morning we launched The Archibald Project’s Facebook page and released our website. This year has blown us away and humbled us to our knees. We are beyond excited for year two, and we cannot wait to tell the stories that God puts in our path.

Thank you for helping us document these powerful and much needed stories. Happy 1 Year to The Archibald Project!