Media Mission - Meet Kristin!

Today marks the last introduction of our Media Mission team for our Jinja, Uganda trip. Over the passed 2 weeks we've featured some amazing artists with loving and giving hearts and we want to steal a few more moments of your time to introduce another talented and joyful soul. Kristin is a wedding photographer in the Raleigh area with a giant heart for loving on others. Her smile is genuine and heart is of the Lord. Take some time to meet Miss Kristin!

*          *          *

Hi! I am Kristin Shyla.  I am handmade by the very breath of God. He created with His word and breathed life into me and so in him I live, move and have my being. Don't you love the thought of being homemade by God?!  I am a single gal living in downtown Raleigh, who loves laughing (and I laugh a lot...mostly at myself), great coffee (ever had coffee from stumptown??...amazing!!), cooking and chatting over scrumptious food in the presence of good company, great music (lyrically & instrumentally) and receiving a solid hug from a dear friend. Greater than all these I actually love, love. And my profession?  I am a photographer. A photographer who willingly gets lost in the story that I am telling.

Growing up for me wasn't normal. I know each of our stories have shaped us in many ways and mine definitely have. They have made me treasure the mundane and have expanded my heart to love much. They have caused me to tilt my head to the side and made me ever so curious of love. What we love shapes our hearts, lives and the steps of our everyday...because love pursues the treasure that it sees.

I have read that "every great story begins with the story already happening." That sums up perfectly what I enjoy doing. There is a story happening all around in the lives of the very people that we rub shoulders with on a daily basis and extends to those we have never met. When I consider the orphan; I know that they too, are handmade by God and deserve the right and or opportunity to have their person known, remembered and ultimately tucked into bed with prayers and a kiss. I want to tell their story. When I began Kristin Shyla Photography 2 short years ago I knew that I wanted to use the beginnings of marriage and the ordinary to help bring orphans home. It is such a picture of wholeness to me.... it makes sense. 

Each year I choose a family that is journeying through the adoption process and walk with them, giving towards their child's coming home. I want my business and those I touch through my work to be a part of something greater than their story, I want us to bring about change.  Dinner cooked, conversation over chores and bedtime may seem average and routine to some, but to me it is beautiful. It is an opportunity for community, oneness, to be known, molded, treasured and shaped into the person that you are becoming. It is everyday family, life and love. Looking long and photographing this is a mystery to me.  Photographing it causes one to slow, listen with their eyes and appreciate what they have been given. As Mumford would say "To learn to love the skies that they are under."  Capturing these everyday happenings unearths an unwavering commitment to give children, the orphan, a chance for the everyday, only with a forever last name. Having a love that supersedes their performance and creeps into their being making them new and giving them security is family.

One evening on instagram, I found Whitney from The Archibald Project, started following her and began praying about partnering or working with them one day. It has been a dream of mine to team up with a collective of creatives to fight for the cause and care of Orphan. This project is an answer to that prayer. I want to educate, share, and collaborate to make more adoptions happen. Two years ago I traveled to the Congo to help my best friend bring home two of her kids. I have never met more grateful kids to have nothing then these sweet Orphans. It's one of those situations you enter in and want to give them the world but can only offer a morsel. My heart longs to love them well!

When I applied for this project I saw the beginnings of the opportunity to educate, spread and stir up generosity to bring Orphans home. I never knew when I applied that I would be chosen. Those are great words to hear. And for the Orphan, through going, I hope that a child who wasn't known before will indeed hear those words "I have chosen you" "You are mine" forever.  Isn't it amazing to be a part of something bigger than yourself?!


With much love and anticipation,

Kristin Shyla