Media Mission - Meet Sam!

About a week ago I got a Facebook message from one of our team members, Sam. She and her husband have been driving around the southern part of the U.S for the past 6 months and they were going to be in Austin. She wanted to know if we had time to meet up...Uh yes!!!! Nick and I met Sam and her hubby, Bryan (featured in a few pics below)  for lunch and ended up spending the next 19ish hours with them :) Sam is so wonderful, her spirit is gentle and sincere, warm and kind and we know with out a doubt that she will be a perfect fit for our Media Mission to Jinja. Meet Sam!

*            *            *

Hi friends!

My name is Sam. I love tea, good design, hammocks, and of course good food--maybe that's because I'm married to an organic farmer who always brings home the most delicious things.

I'm an artist who believes that stories are powerful and that photography has a way of telling the most intimate stories.

I naively refrained from majoring in art in college because I thought, "how could that ever help people?" But with each year, God kept bringing me back to photography. God calls us to things that make us come alive and for me the camera was it. In a strange way, it has made me a better person. It has taught me how to see better. To slow down and sink into a moment. To have the incredible opportunity to tell someone's story or make them feel beautiful. Almost everyday I wake up feeling thankful that my job makes me feel so alive.

And then there's adoption. I can't recall a moment in time when we decided that adoption was for us. But rather, adoption has been in our hearts all along--through books I read, movies I watched, people who lived in community with me. All these tiny stories of adoption or including someone as their own, added up. It planted a seed and now it's the other thing that sets my heart afire. Although our time for adoption is not yet here, that doesn't limit what I can do about the orphan crisis right now.

You can probably already see why I love the idea of The Archibald Project's Media Mission.  Art plus serving the orphan plus working with other creatives. Um, yes please. I feel like the kid in the bible who has two fish and some bread and God saying that He wants to use me. Me?! I only have a camera. What can He do with that?

But this is what I desire for myself and my community: To stop dwelling on what we lack and inventory what we do have. To realize that God has equipped us with something to offer in all of this. Maybe that's opening your heart up to adopt. Or reaching out to a birth mother struggling to support her and her baby. Or opening your home up to phased out foster kids during the holidays? Or maybe that's buying your Christmas gifts from artisans of impoverished communities?

Right now, all I have is a camera, a love for stories, and some time, so let's see what God can make of that.