Media Mission - Meet the Cheneys!!!

Happy Monday! We hope your weekends were as rejuvenating and refreshing as ours were and that you greet this blog post with a cup of warm coffee in your hands. We wanted to introduce two more members of our Media Mission 2014 team with you and hope that your hearts continue to stir for our upcoming trip!

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Hey! We're Justin and Keary, San Diego based wedding photographers. We're celebrating our four year wedding anniversary in February and boy has the time flown by fast! Justin is from San Jose, CA and I'm from San Diego. We met at a tiny little Christian school of about 400 students in the back row of our government class. One of our first conversations we ever had was about a picture Justin had taken of his adopted niece, London. And that was all it took, I was in love with him already ;)

We love early morning coffee dates on the coast (Justin loves coffee and Keary loves tea), dinner with friends on the patio, cooking meals together in the kitchen, the sound of sweet laughter, making memories with family, long road trips, seeing God's creation, camping, long hikes, breathing in fresh mountain air, building stuff in our wood shop, walking to the beach to watch sunsets that you can't even believe are real sometimes, snuggling for hours with our puppy, Milo, indescribable God moments, watching miracles happen, seeing prayers answered, and we LOVE stories of adoption. The most beautiful story of adoption was when Christ sent his son to die for us, that we may be adopted sons and daughters and inherit The Kingdom. WOAH! Talk about a cool relation.

We've been following The Archibald Project for several months now and when we heard about the Media Mission, we knew we were meant to be a part of this team. Justin and I have both had a heart for adoption long before we met each other. We have 4 adopted nieces and nephews, one adopted from California and the other three from Ethiopia and they are the most precious kids. All throughout the Bible, we are commanded to care for the orphan, over and over. And when God repeats himself, he must be pretty serious about it ;) Our hearts ache for the fatherless. We are so excited to go to Uganda and love on children that have never experienced the love of family, and hug on kids who have walked through great loss. We are excited to document what the fatherless can look like so that we might stir hearts towards adoption and orphan care. How cool that we can use our God-given gifts to bring glory to His Kingdom?! My prayer is that this team would be the hands and feet of Jesus to these children, and that we would show them Christ's love, grace, and mercy. Adoption is the heart of the gospel. It's a beautiful thing when you choose to unconditionally love a child who is not of your flesh and blood, and answer God's call in caring for the orphan. Hearts will be changed, and I know ours will be too.


Hugs, Keary + Justin

(All photos courtesy of Keary and Justin!)