Media Mission - Meet Katie!

Depending on where you live, and of course when you read this, we'd like to wish you a good morning (or afternoon or evening)! It is time to introduce you to a dear friend and beyond talented photographer, Miss Katie Jameson. Katie and I met on a wonderful photography app called Instagram and instantly became good friends.  After you read a little bit about her heart make sure you check out her beautiful work, and yes, the 1:1 square pics are from her Instagram feed ;)

 *      *     *

My name is Katie Jameson. I’m 23 years old and single. Why would adoption be on my radar? Until the past two years or so, it really wasn’t. I was blissfully unaware in my college years; unaware of the staggering statistics about orphans or children growing up without a stable home. I have recently been surrounded by people and experiences that have pushed thoughts about orphans and adoption into my mind. Not only thoughts of joyous homecomings bringing new children into loving homes or of the challenges that might bring, but also the truth that God has adopted us as Christians into His family. This is one of the most important truths I have learned over the past couple of years. So, why was this truth so important for me to understand? It is important because I have been blessed with a supportive family and inspiring friends, but even more so I have been adopted into the family of God, who gives me unending love and grace every single day. This is a truth so overwhelming that it is hard to put into words. We are called to care for the orphans because we were all orphans. Because I am loved, I am called to love.

Being able to join this amazing group of creatives to document stories of orphans is the chance of a lifetime. It will be a way to spread information about adoption to my friends and family, who may be as unaware as I was. Through my photography and The Archibald Project, I have the opportunity to share a child’s life – their hobbies, loves, passions, and daily experiences. One of the many reasons I love photography is it provides a way to capture emotions and facial expressions during a moment that can never be relived. I love being able to show a person how beautiful they are. People are made in the likeness of a God who loves and this should be celebrated.

I joined Instagram in the fall of 2011 and I amazed everyday of how great the social media app is. I have met dear friends through it and it has become one of my main creative outlets. It has helped shaped my photography by helping me with cropping, content and consistency. I was placed on the suggested user list (due to a suggestion from a friend) in the summer of 2013 and gained a following that I could not be more thankful for. I want to use Instagram as an outlet and a way to spread information about this trip and the amazing people I meet.

For me, photography is a passion – it is something that brings me great peace. Being able to potentially help people see God through my photography is one of the most amazing gifts He has given me and I am so thankful for the opportunity to join The Archibald Project’s Media Mission 2014 on this amazing adventure.

(follow Katie's journey in Jinja on instagram @katiejameson)