Media Mission - Meet The Shafers!

We would like to introduce you to two of our Media Mission team members. Yes, I said two, as the lovely couple below is married and share a passion for orphans, Jesus and the written word. But enough from us, meet the Shafers!  

Dear reader,

I’m writing to introduce myself and, what is much more enjoyable, my wife Maggie. We live in Fort Collins, CO, in community with people we love and believe in and work at jobs that we enjoy and care about. Together we love the well-written word, service, each other, and Jesus; we are fond of autumn, good food, coffee, and those seasons in which work and rest are beautifully balanced.

We’ve been asked to share about our art and how that will intersect with the purpose of The Archibald Project. As I see it, our art - and by “our” I mean all of us - is how we individually and uniquely use a creative effort to add something of value to the conversation. The conversation at issue is that of orphans and widows, of social difficulties with overwhelmingly deep and tangled roots, and more accessibly of choices, of adoption.

Maggie is a journalist by training with more awards and accolades than she’d ever admit to. Her passion is to give voice to the voiceless through compelling stories that dignify as well as demand action. This has involved reporting on sex trafficking, psychological disorders, and oppressive class structures. She now works for a software startup as a marketing specialist, adept at utilizing new media to communicate and inspire.

I am a woodworker with a background in and passion for writing. I am energized by people gathering and honoring the beautiful and true, be it through art, in conversation or debate, or in worship and celebration.

Four years ago, Maggie and I were in the middle of our short engagement, reading books, seeking whatever wisdom older couples were willing to impart, and trying to talk through what were, as far as we could tell, important questions for almost-married people to be asking.

Where are we going to live? Not sure. What are we going to do? We’ll see. Do you want to have kids? I think so. Have you ever thought about adoption?


And we have continued to think about adoption, albeit from a distance, a few degrees removed. But the idea has simply remained too beautiful to shake.

For us, the Gospel is the only story that makes sense, even as it confounds. We know no better picture of the Gospel, the heart of God the Father reaching down and choosing us as His own, than adoption.

In a world that mostly gets love wrong, that goes halfway at best, this is a love that goes the whole way.

Maggie and I want to learn about this kind of love in the world, to bring to life the stories of people receiving and giving it out, and those in desperate need of it.

Thank you for reading this far. We are very excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to get to work - we will keep you posted.

-Steven Shafer

To read some of Maggie's writing, please visit here!