The Black's Story

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1 We met Kelleigh and Will Black almost a year ago on our first trip to Haiti. We were there documenting the Stewart family's adoption assuming that we would bond with the Stewarts, have our hearts broken for all the orphaned children and come home and make a video about the Stewarts. While all of the above did happen, what we didn't realize would happen was having our eyes opened to all of the other families living their lives between America and Haiti; half of their hearts tucked into their cozy homes in the U.S and the other half being broken and made stronger in the Caribbean.

Kelleigh and Will knew adopting from Haiti would be hard, but hard is just a word until you go through hardship yourself. Over a 3 year period they made a total of 16 trips to visit their Haitian sons. When they started their adoption, the boys were 5, when they brought them home 5 months ago, they were 8. Fritzner and Eli Black have experienced things that only the Father and His love can heal. When traveling between countries, the Blacks were forced to have faith that one day their boys would come home with them, that their family would be made whole. They clung to Jesus for strength, but they are human, and just because Jesus never left their side, didn't make saying goodbye to their boys easy.

Now the Black's Haitian sons are home. They share a room with their two bio boys and are learning what it means to be part of a family. They have never lived under a roof with rules or forgiveness, or tucked in and told they were loved every single night. Accepting love and discipline has been hard and their scars are only beginning to heal. Kelleigh and Will knew that their adoption process was hard, but now they believe that it was preparing them to fight for their son's souls as the become a part of their family. They once had faith that hoped for their children's departure from Haiti, they now have faith and hope for healing and for strength to help love, forgive, guide and grow their son's hearts.

Adoption isn't easy, it cost Jesus His life.


+ stay tuned for a documentary featuring the Black's adoption!

Haiti 2012, saying Good bye:

Present Day: