Taipei, Taiwan

Every adoption trip is different. Our flight arrived in Taiwan before the Dingle’s to ensure that we got here perfectly with no glitches. We meet Shannon and Lee Dingle in a few hours at the domestic airport in Taipei. They will be exhausted. Their journey began from North Carolina. From N.C they traveled to New York on a 2 1/2 hour flight, sat at JFK for a few hours, boarded a 16 hour flight to Taipei at 1:45 a.m eastern time, and will land in Taiwan literally any minute. Now they will go through customs, catch an hour bus ride to the domestic airport, wait 5 hours to catch an in country flight into a southern city, climb onto a 30 minute van ride, and immediately meet their daughter. It exhausts me to even think about it. To top it all off, their daughter is a baby, and I doubt she will be sympathetic to their exhaustion. So if you have a moment, please say a prayer for them :) We are traveling to Taitung in a few hours. Its a south western costal town and I hear its quite lovely. The Dingles are adopting through a beautiful ministry, located in Taitung, called Morning Light Ministries. Morning Light was founded by two Americans who have started a wonderful education and crisis center. They aim first to save lives by guiding mothers toward options other than abortion and by teaching youth about abstinence, but a lot of what they do goes into serving women so that they can keep their children. (The abortion rate is higher than the birth rate in Taiwan.) For example, they have a childcare facility that offers free or inexpensive options so that single mothers can work, they have a food bank to meet dietary needs, and they have a mother's home for temporary housing. When those measures aren't enough or when birth mothers aren't able to raise their child for other reasons, they facilitate adoptions and care for children who are waiting for their forever families. Please take a look at their blog: and learn more about what they do to serve the Taiwanese. Before we meet the Dingles I will leave you with some scenic shots around Taipei. Next post will be ‘Gotcha Day’ pictures so be sure to stay tuned!!!