Stewart Interview -Texas to Haiti

Today I’d like to introduce you to a very special woman. She is a wife, a mom, a servant, a mentor, a friend, a caring neighbor and most importantly a woman who fearfully loves the Lord.

Kimberly and her husband Michael, (or as his friends call him, Stew) began pursuing adoption over 18 months ago. They have 3 amazing biological children whom I fall more in love with every time I see them. The Stewarts are loved and admired by all who meet them. I don’t think I can honestly say that about anyone else I’ve ever met. To say the least, they are a blessing and an inspiration and it is all the Holy Spirit at work in their hearts. Every time I see Kimberly she has something to share about God’s working in their lives and over the past year and a half her faith in God has only increased.

The Stewarts have been living in limbo, traveling every 3 months to spend a week in Haiti with one son while leaving their other 3 children at home. Back and forth, tears and hugs, joys and frustrations. It is not always easy, and no, she is not always beaming with sunshine. At times she is beat, downtrodden and exhausted but she’ll be the first to admit that those times only push her further into her Father’s arms.

Take a few minutes and read through our interview. If you are adopting, be inspired, you are not alone. Their are parents out there just like you, clinging to hope, fighting for children and pursuing love against all odds. If you aren’t adopting, be inspired. There are people out there who are called to adopt and are pushing through life’s challenging circumstances to save a child’s life. If you happened to stumble across this site by chance, be inspired, God wanted you here ;)



How did you find Kelly/know he was your son?

Long story- but basically, as we kept asking God the question, "Where is our son?".  Stew went to Haiti on a pastoral trip and took an extra day to visit orphanages.  He came home with lots of videos with lots of kids.  We felt led to pray about 2 boys. Kelly was one of them.  We visited Haiti together to visit both children.  One of them already had a family who was going to adopt him.  But that was not even what lead us to Kelly.  We spent time with him and he had no response to us.  That night as we discussed our time with Kelly and others, we admitted that we were looking for an emotional response from a child to lead us to choose that child. But then we were overwhelmed with truth in our hearts.  The Bible says that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.  That from the beginning of time he predestined us, chose us to adopt us to be sons and daughters. (Romans, Eph 1)  And the next morning as we asked, "God, who is our son?"  He clearly helped us see that He had been leading us to Kelly all along.  He chose kelly for us. We chose Kelly...not because of anything he had done, but because we loved him and had been searching for him and found him through understanding our own adoption story with God.

Why Haiti?

Good Question! In some ways, I don't know. But the real answer is because God lead us there.  It was where our son was.  We had been praying over the map of the world and asked one question to God, "Where is our son?".  Stew had a meeting that happened to have the founder of our agency there and he was getting the license for the agency that day.  They asked what he needed and he said, "Families who will adopt from Haiti".  The rest is history. Explain the past year and a half of traveling back and forth and your kids perspective and understanding of it? Waiting- Leaving 3 children to go to one...Then leaving one child to go to the three.  It has been hard.  It has left us living in tension.  The tension of not all being together and leaving our children.  But it has been teaching us tremendous things! It has given us Faith in God's work, not man's.  It has helped us lean on friends and family when we prided ourselves to be self-sufficient.  It has been teaching us to parent our children through prayer.  The tension of waiting, leaving, coming and going, has given us time.  Time to think about this journey.  As we have time to think about it, we are finding our own adoption story.  A children's book has come from this waiting time and is being edited to be published.  That has been very fun! We are able to tell many people about our adoption and share many things about God, Haiti and our lives.  We are able to learn from Haiti. Every 3 months we get to see the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  That will change you, change your priorities, your perspective and your longings.  We are learning to believe that God is good.  We are learning that we are weak, afraid and demanding at times. But God shows us Himself and continues to lead us ahead. My children understand tangibly their need to be adopted into God's family.  They are growing in this tension too.  They are learning to experience suffering or let their brother suffer....Experience pain of separation on both sides...and I believe they are understanding the Gospel deeper because of it.  Jesus said we learn to understand the Gospel through suffering and pain.  I am learning to let my children experience that and parent them through prayer, trusting God's work in their hearts.

What would you tell someone who is just starting the adoption process? And especially the adoption process in Haiti?


Three things you love about Kelly?

His laugh.  His strength.   His curiosity.

Three things you can't wait for him to  experience/be a part of when he comes home?

Family dinner/reading books together.   Ice cream.  Our church body who loves him and has sacrificed and walked with us.  I can't wait for them to love on them!

Do you know how much longer your waiting process is?


How can people be praying for you and your family?

Pray for our faith to continue to rise as we wait this next year.  In quiet times, we can doubt.  Pray for our paperwork to be signed and passed along the necessary stages so that he can come home.  Pray God gets all the credit for this story and that it will be told to many generations, pointing to everyone's need to be adopted through Christ to God and become children of God.

Thank you so much for your time Kimberly! To read more about their journey, visit their family blog here.