Normal People, Big God

The Archibald Project is in China. I’m sitting by my hotel window overlooking the city lake. The sun is trying to break through the smog but I just don’t think it has the strength today. It’s supposed to reach 68 degrees this afternoon, but honestly, I’m doubting that as well.Our time in China has been simply lovely. While it feels like weeks, we’ve actually only been here for three nights; I suppose that has something to do with jet lag. One of the my favorite things about our job is not the foreign lands and new foods, but getting to know the families of with whom we travel. I’ve already learned so much from Bill and Kelli Jones. They are admirable people who love the Lord and speak truth. They are normal people, they have normal jobs and children, a mortgage to pay, and fears to fight. The thing that makes them different is not this crazy journey or amazing adoption story, but the wonderful God they serve. It’s easy to romanticize people you read about, or compare your own life to others; I admit comparison and I are old friends. But something so wonderful that the Lord is showing me is that we are all normal, and He is not. Our God is not limited to our ways and thoughts, He does not lay His head to rest as we do. We are sinners; He is perfect. We are thirsty; He is our living water. We are emotional; He is steady. We want and He Is. God is perfect, He is so good! Let us praise Him for His workings and His heart for His people. We are tools, let us not praise the creation, but praise the Father for creating and loving and giving hope! Today is ‘Gotcha Day’ and we leave in 3 hours to meet the Jones’ 13 year old daughter for the first time. I’m so excited and I’m not even in the family. I can’t imagine what Kelli and Bill are feeling, let alone what Eliana is feeling. She has lived in one place for almost 14 years, she has never been outside of her town. But right now, as I type, she is in a car, on the longest ride she has ever experienced, to meet 4 people that will change her life forever. Will post pictures of their meeting soon, until then, here are some Instagram pics from my phone....and yes, we actually stumbled across 'Occupy Hong Kong'. haha