Meet Lisa!

I'm so thankful to have the sweet and talented Lisa Woods with me in Haiti. So far these trips have been me and my husband, Nick, but Lisa has been the perfect replacement.

We met about a year ago at a photographer meet up group and clicked instantly. She's passionate about justice, serving others and of course photography. She has two beautiful kiddos that she and her husband home school and a keen eye for beauty.

Meet Lisa!

"I'm a low key, laid back girl who likes to ride bikes, drink coffee, travel, and take pictures.  I'm a mother of two precious kids Asia (7) and Titus (6) and the wife of a wonderful dad who home schools them.  I began my photography career just after my kids were born.  I've always had a passion for travel and photography. The love of those two things grew when I studied abroad in Oxford, England while in college.  Documenting life, people, and places makes me appreciate those things more.  When you're in the moment, sometimes it's hard to truly appreciate and be thankful for what you have, but when I look back at the pictures I realize how wonderful and beautiful life can be." Why did you want to come to Haiti with The Archibald Project? Caring for another individual's well being, their rights to be free from oppression or the opportunity to better their situation is what I'm most passionate about in life.  I think the cure for most selfishness and depression starts with letting go of your issues long enough to care for others. 10 years ago we went to Haiti and stayed at an orphanage and met some truly amazing kids.  I've been wanting to go back for quite some time especially since the quake.  This opportunity to incorporate my love of photography with my desire to help others couldn't be a more perfect fit.

If you could do anything in the entire world in 1 day, what would you do? If I had a day to do anything in the world, well to be honest I might need more days because there's a lot out there I'm still itching to do.  But I'd probably spend the day exploring a new city.  Complete with great coffee, hiking a mountain or riding bikes.  And end with card games and drinks with new friends I meet along the way.  :)


*above picture by Lisa Woods Photography