Adoption Stories

Adoption is just one way of caring for vulnerable children and although it is definitely not the only way, we have seen so many lives transformed through the power of adoption. We would love to hear about your adoption story! If you are interested in having The Archibald Project document your family’s adoption, please fill out this application and send it to We will be in contact with you shortly!

Here at The Archibald Project we care about all aspects of orphan care. However, one trend in the Western World that we have noticed is an increase in uneducated international adoption. While we understand the need for adoption we believe it should always be the last resort an organization seeks for a child's life. Before we get swept up in the emotions of the beautiful stories below, please read the following information. 

If you or someone you know desires to move forward with an international adoption please carefully consider the following advice:

1.) Before you sign an agreement with any agency ask them  - What portion of your payments are sent directly to orphanages and do the orphanages you work with receive funding per child they place in an international adoption?    How do you hold your international partners accountable for finances and ethics?  ~  How do you ensure that the children you are facilitating adoptions for actually need to be adopted and do not have family members who want them?   Can I hire a 3rd party to investigate the orphanage and child I am matched with?   Does anyone benefit financially in the U.S. when a child is adopted internationally? (ex. end of year bonus or commission like pay based on number of adoptions one facilitates.) 

2.) Ask yourself WHY you want to adopt internationally. There are over 400,000 children in the U.S. Foster Care system in the United States and over 94,000 children in the system in the U.K. It is not bad to desire to adopt internationally but we have seen that healthy and honest adoption practices are not set up for vulnerable children and families in many developing countries. There is a high chance if you adopt from the continent of Africa you are adopting a child with: brothers and sisters, one or both alive parents who desire to parent their children. If you truly want to help a child living in an orphanage just think what help you could bring if you took the thousands of dollars spent on international adoption and donated them to organizations who are supporting birth mothers and fathers to keep their children in their families...if this thought bothers you we humbly challenge you do question you root motivation of wanting to adopt internationally in the first place. ("But how do I find an organization doing this type of work in a country I've never been to?" Helpful tip: search for EXPATS who live in the country you are seeking to adopt from and reach out. Ask if they have ever heard of ethical organizations working to keep families. We promise, you will pretty much always be able to find someone from your country who is up to date on orphan care organizations to trust, it just may take some internet investigation on your part.

The following adoptions are through organizations we believe in and who seek to truly honor birth families and their vulnerable children. We do our background work and only document adoptions that are ethical and in the best interest of the child. 



Baxter Family


Bridgers Family

Republic of the Congo

Keywood Family

United States

Wall Family

United States

Harris Family


Eicher Family


Via Family


Shaw Family

Republic of the Congo

Dingle Family



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