Weddings That Change the World

Are you, or someone you know getting married soon? We know deciding on the right photographer can be a hard task so we're happy to help! The following photographers have joined our mission and support our efforts to end the orphan crisis with every wedding they photograph! That means, when you hire one of these talented folks your wedding directly helps fight the orphan crisis! Boom! Wedding with a Purpose! 


Wedding Photographers Who Support Our Mission with their Work:

Kimi g photography

Kimi G Photography
Light filled, passionate photography that captures your special day in a timeless manner. 


christin hume photo

Christin Hume Photo
Creative, lifestyle wedding photographer who focuses on capturing the raw emotions of blissful moments.
Austin, Tx, and open for travel! 

Angela Lally Photography
Natural, genuine, timeless wedding and portrait photography!
Austin, TX, but available for travel!

Lightshaft Media 
Timeless, authentic emotion and joy-filled images and video!
Kansas but willing to adventure wherever there is light!

Johnsons Creative - Wedding Photography + Videography
Natural, authentic, & joyful wedding photography! 
Cedar Falls, Iowa, willing and hopeful to travel!
@neals_my_name + @courts_my_name


Jordan Mitchell Photography
Authentic and emotional photography that tells your story!
Houston, Texas but available for travel.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 4.45.17 PM.png

Kaitlyn Stoddard Photo
Emotional, honest and timeless wedding photography. Rooted in love, passionate about people and the journeys that mold you into who you are.  
Memphis, Tennessee and always open to travel!

Lily + Elyse Photography
Blissful, joyful, timeless and elegant wedding photography.
West Virginia, available to travel world wide.

Lida Mathews Photography
Light chasing, love giving, and joy filled images that document the moments you never want to forget! 
Houston, TX, available to travel world wide.

Amy Higg Photography 
Adventurous, intimate and relaxed wedding photography. 
Australia, available to travel world wide.


Jayne Hattaway Photography
Warm, clean, authentic, and natural. Sunlight and strives to create heirloom artwork that will be cherished from generation to generation.
College Station, Texas, and loves to travel!

Cambria Shelley Photography
Wedding photography that is moody, intimate and real that will leave you forever cherishing your wedding day.
Iowa City, IA, loves to travel!

All Heart Photo
Natural, authentic and a lot of fun wedding photography.
College Station/All over Texas, available to travel world wide.



Kharis Photography
Your friend behind the camera, capturing the unique love between couples that will shine through in each photo.
Monroe, NC, available to travel.


K. Elisabeth Photography
Romantic, candid, real, emotional and intimate wedding photography.
Lincoln, NE and available to travel world wide! 

Amber Jade & Co.
Photography + Videography to inspire, serve and love our neighbor through the simple act of story-telling. 
Dallas/Fort Worth and available for travel.


Ashley Loyer
Fun, yet intimate and romantic photography that stands the test of time.
Yakima, WA / entire Pacific Northwest but very open for travel!




Here at The Archibald Project we believe that story-telling changes the world. It’s the very reason we exist – a well documented and well told story is timeless and holds unimaginable power. We use that power to advocate for orphans and work toward eliminating the orphan crisis. 

As a wedding photographer, YOU are a storyteller. 

You tell the story of one of the most important days in people’s lives, and the moments you document are timeless memories that are passed down to future generations. Because of our common threads, we believe there is potential for a beautiful partnership between The Archibald Project and your photography business.

weddings that change the world
weddings that change the world

When you sign up to join our Weddings That Change the World Program we will do 3 things! 

1. We will send you a beautiful photo book that explains The Archibald Project and our mission and how when couples hire you as their wedding photographer, a part of their wedding photography proceeds is donated to our mission! So therefore a part of their wedding budget is donated to fight the orphan crisis! (which will make them want to hire you all the more!)

2. We will put your photography business name on our website with a link directly to your website to let all our visitors know where to find a stellar photographer who also supports our mission!

3. We will give you a digital stamp for your website letting your audience know that your business helps reduce the world's orphan count with every wedding you book! 

Amazing right?!? All you have to do is decide what percentage of each wedding you want to donate to The Archibald Project, sign up as a reoccuring donor here (and make sure you select Weddings That Change the World as the Purpose) and BOOM, you're in! We'll ship your book and digital stamp right away and you can start booking more socially conscious clients!