Why We Do What We Do

We don't know why God works the way He does, if we did, He wouldn't be creator and us creation. We don't know when our hearts began to beat in sync with our Savior, but we know its been our prayer from the moment the scales fell from our eyes and our furious love affair with Jesus began.

We don't know where God is taking us or how we'll get there. But we do know that once God places His calling on your life you can't deny it. We can't deny that God has a heart for orphans or that He has given us this same heart. We do know that God cares infinitely more for the orphan than our finite souls can comprehend and that gives us peace that it is not on our shoulders. We aren't saving lives. We are tools in God's hands, sharing the beautiful stories of hope and love, grace and mercy that only the Father can write. We are using the talents He has blessed us with and the heart He has given us to give the voiceless a voice and the forgotten a face.

Rally with us. Unite as one. Let us come together and bring the orphans home.

"Because you are precious in my eyes,

and honored, I love you..." Isaiah 43:3