storytelling changes the world.

How do you put into words something that so drastically changed your life? People ask “how was Uganda, was it good?”, and the only words I can find seem to cheapen those 21 days spent sweating in a sticky, third world country. ‘But I’m a storyteller,’ I tell myself. I must find the right words to illustrate the most joyful, gut wrenching, heart warming, tear filled experience that was Uganda . And so the search was on for a way, any way, to share with our friends, family, and community about all we lived while in Uganda.

And then I found freedom. I realized that we were not alone this time.  We had help; we had a team.  We were eleven souls strong; we were The Archibald Project's first media mission team.  There would always be someone to help describe why Uganda left me with a smile on my face and a knot in my stomach.

So we all came. We entered Uganda with our hearts on our sleeves, and I’m sure songs from The Lion King somewhere in the back of our minds. We came to document and share, but mostly we came to love. And that we did. I’ve never been so amazed by a group of people so willing to get their hands and feet dirty and their hearts stomped on just to help their Ugandan neighbor.

And then we all left. In the blink of an eye, it was the last day. Slowly a few departed, and the rest followed. One sweaty goodbye after another, we left. We arrived as acquaintances, but we left as family; family with great memories to share and precious stories that had been handed to us so willingly. We are charged with sharing these stories with all of you. How everyone is sharing looks different. Some are having intimate dinners that are infused with conversations about how their friends and family can get involved with orphan care. Some have inspired others to travel abroad and help in orphanages, while others are sharing what an orphan is, and how God has called us to respond. One team member has even helped raise funds for a new orphanage to be built for the ministry we worked with in Jinja.

Storytelling changes the world.  It may not be featured on CNN or even your local news, but the things God is doing overseas and in our back yards are headline worthy.  It all started with a group of people being willing to take some time and go see what is really happening.  Now that they know, their lives our forever changed, and we hope your's will be too. So again I say, storytelling changes the world, and we’ve only just begun!