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Since 2011, our readers have traveled with us across the world as we have documented inspiring stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to serve orphans. 

Our readers have followed us to Uganda as we documented Bring Home to Chloe, the story of an American family who moved to their daughter’s birth country when she was denied a U.S. VISA. Our readers followed Kelly’s story as his parents visited him in Haiti thirteen times before they could bring him into their home.  

Our readers have watched our progress as we have been scared to meet children with special needs, only to see our hearts melt as we met amazing children with Down syndrome, blindness, missing limbs, and facial disfigurements. 

We share stories of inspiring people and organizations whose vision matches ours; to see the orphan crisis eliminated. These include stories of those who advocate, educate and keep families together

We capture picture perfect moments and the joys of adoption, the magic of the first meeting, and the delight of parents who have longed for a child. 

However, we also tell stories that convey the reality of what we see: that adoption involves brokenness, that it’s incredibly difficult and heartbreaking for parents and children, and that sometimes it doesn’t work out. Our “To Adopt or not to Adopt” series connects adoptive families with our readers as families share the realities of adoption. 

In 2014, after three years of working full time and running The Archibald Project on the side, we quit our day jobs and jumped into running The Archibald Project full time!

Since then, we have been on a mission to document stories to educate, advocate and inspire.

We do all of this for you, reader. We want to expose you to a world you might not have known but that you can take part in helping. We believe we can inspire you to help change the lives of orphans, because we’re already seeing it happen.

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Because: storytelling changes the world.