Commonly Asked Questions.

Here at The Archibald Project we are often asked many of the same questions. While we will always take time to answer them we'd also like to help by sharing the most common questions and their answers here. Hopefully the notes below will help you grasp a better understanding of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how you can get involved! Thank you!!

What exactly is The Archibald Project?

Great question! We are an art and media based nonprofit that uses photography, video, and writing to tell stories that educate and inspire people to serve orphans. We know that most people in the Western world know what adoption is and have most likely heard of foster care. However, we use our cameras to tell stories about every day people getting involved and serving the fatherless. We use our media to show different sides of orphan care, such as volunteering with an orphanage, sponsorships, reintegration, working with birth families to help gain their children back, and unique and beautiful adoption stories. 


What are you actually doing?

In short, we are creating a movement of people caring for orphans. A few months after publishing our first story, we were contacted by a family who told us how our pictures inspired them to adopt a little boy who was chronically ill. We were surprised, honored, and touched that our work had allowed an orphan to have a family. The more we told stories, the more we began to hear how our work was challenging and inspiring others to join with us to see the orphan crisis eliminated. Since following The Archibald Project, some of our readers have received training to become foster parents, some have begun to sponsor a child in another country to receive an education, some have organized a fundraising event to support a friend’s adoption, some have donated to help a orphan receive surgery, and there are many more amazing stories of individuals, like yourself, being inspired to help! Our photographs have sparked conversations between friends and families about what part they can play in helping to reduce the number of orphans in the world!!

I want to get involved, how can I volunteer with T.A.P? 
We are so humbled and honored that you would want to spend your time helping us eliminate the orphan crisis. At this time, the absolute best way possible for you to help volunteer, is by sharing our stories! Seriously! We believe, and have seen, that our stories change lives. The more that people see others caring for orphans the more they realize that they too can care for orphans. Some people just need to be inspired, and our stories inspire people into action! So please, share our work, Facebook, Instagram, small groups, classrooms, pulpits, intimate conversations, emails, anything! Together, we can see storytelling change the world!

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I'm looking for an internship, do you guys have any openings?
Thank you so much for looking to spend your internship with us! At this current time we are not hosting interns. However, when we begin again we will absolutely post it on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and blog. Please make sure you follow us on social media so you can apply when the time is right! 

Do you have any job openings? 
We wish we could hire everyone! Seriously, we do! Unfortunately, at this current time we are a small team, but we would absolutely love to interview you when the time is right. We will post all job openings on our social media outlets, so stick around!

I'm an adoptive parent looking to have our our adoption documented, how do I apply for your services?
The mission of our project is to see the number of orphans in the world decrease. In order to accomplish this goal, we ask all families and organizations we partner with to commit to our mission & actively promote orphan care. While we love family photos and framed memories, we are not able to document a story purely based on a desire to have it photographed. We are only interested in partnering with those that share our goals & desires to inspire others to serve the fatherless whether its through: volunteer services, adoption, reintegration, foster care, sponsorships or donations. If you are willing to commit to use your story to inspire and educate others about adoption and orphan care, you can find our application here.


I work for an organization and we are interested in having you document our work. How do we find out more information? 
Thank you for your interest in our work! We would love to hear from you. At the bottom of this page you will find a contact form, please fill it out and one of our team members will get in touch with you soon! We look forward to learning more about your work and mission. 

I heard you offer Social Media Coaching, how can I learn more?
You heard correct! We offer one on one, hour and a half classes. We will send you a PDF for you to fill out as we walk you through our course. Our desire is to see you use your online platforms to engage more people and bring in more donors for your organization! Please fill out the form below if you would like more information about our Social Media Coaching! Thanks! 

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