How do we measure success?

The Archibald Project’s goal is to end the orphan crisis. We use media and creative storytelling to bring about that goal. Our product is a story and our money is spent to research and produce powerful orphan care stories that will start a movement of people who are inspired to care for orphans in creative and educated ways.

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Our programs include photography, video, writing, podcasts, Media Missions, and social media. We use these platforms to document adoptions, tell stories of family preservation, educate on
ethical practices, highlight foster care, help other organizations raise money, and so much more. 
We then present our stories to an audience of over 48,000 people, and that audience is growing daily.

We have seen our stories:  inspire new families to become foster parents, lead to new adoptions,  eliminate fears about orphan care, give struggling parents hope, educate on ethical adoption, inspire people to serve orphans overseas, inspire people to serve children in the foster care system when they are unable to be foster parents, raise thousands of dollars for organizations, and open eyes up to new possibilities of caring for orphans. We have also seen our media raise money to build a home for a family of orphans in Western Uganda, provide clean water to an orphanage, help organizations receive grant money, help children receive money for medical operations, provide art classes and art materials to orphans in Romania and inspire more people to care for orphans with special needs.