Here at The Archibald Project we care about all aspects of orphan care. In our growing world the trend in orphan care seems to be centered around adoption. While we love ethical adoptions, we know there are many ways to care for orphans. We have used our media to partner with and raise funds/awareness for orphan care organizations who are:

Providing safe and healthy living conditions, sponsoring educations, providing health care, educating parents so they do not have to give their children up for adoption, resettling children living in orphanages to live with their relatives, providing locals with tools and resources to adopt children in their own countries and more. 

Why work with The Archibald Project?

The Archibald Project is the leading media based advocacy group for orphan care. The Archibald Project has an active and large community of people who care about orphans and helping meet their needs. Through The Archibald Project's social media outlets, over 20,000 people will know about your organization in moments. When The Archibald Project presents an organization and a call to action, our followers act fast. We have seen thousands of dollars raised in just a few hours. This has helped get children's education sponsored, needs met, and specific children adopted! Not every media organization has active followers like ours, and we couldn't be more thankful for their support!

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