Meet the Team

 Photo by Julia Louise Style 

Photo by Julia Louise Style 


Whitney and Nick Runyon are our co-founders! Whitney heads up our social media, photography and is our Creative Director.
Nick is our travel savvy, airline pilot turned humanitarian filmmaker. Nick is in charge of all our films from shooting, editing and final distribution and is our Executive Director.

We encourage you check out our podcast and new travel show where the Runyon's are our hosts!  

You can also follow along with their personal Instagram accounts @whitrunyon and @nackolas!

 Photo by Whitney Runyon

Photo by Whitney Runyon

Meet Allie

Allie is our Lead Storyteller and Content Producer! She specializes in film and photography and is always down to travel at the drop of a hat... which is how much of our TAP stories come together! Allie recently moved to Austin from Seattle and is enjoying the warm* very warm* weather here in Texas. 

Allie grew up on the beaches of Santa Barbara, California, and moved up to the pine trees and much chillier waters in the Pacific Northwest to attend Seattle Pacific University for college where she studied Global Development. Before Allie came to work full time for The Archibald Project, Allie traveled with us to Ethiopia, China and the Congo! Her current favorite things are: exploring new places to swim in Austin, Golden Retriever puppies, and paddle boarding! 

She LOVES traveling and a few of her most favorite places she's been are Dublin, Ireland; Port au Prince, Haiti; and anywhere on the Southern coast of Spain and Portugal. 

You can follow along on Allie's personal instagram for special behind the scenes photos during TAP trips! Instagram: @allieschandler


Meet Amanda

I have a strong passion for social justice and sustainable development and am passionate about contributing to global progress through my work at the Archibald Project.  I’m a total geek for systems and planning and love ‘seeing the forest through the trees.’  I can’t help but organize and create processes wherever I may find myself, and it’s this trend in my work and life, that led me to strategy and operations.  

Aside from being attached-at-the-hip to my planner, I am simply and excitedly, thrilled to be alive.  I am amazed at life and all it has to offer, and could absolutely never get bored.  I love to wander and to create.  Adventuring around town or across the globe, I’m excited and humbled by the beautiful people and places along the way.  My mind is a constant stream of things to create:  pies, cookies, cake (okay, so I really like to bake), clothes, cards, furniture, a garden, a house, and way too many businesses.  I love tangibility and seeing the world of dreams come to life.  I thrive in movement, being active and in nature fuel my body and my soul. Above all else, people are the most important. I am beyond grateful for the people of this planet and strive to share nothing short of unconditional love and compassion in return.

In my angst to discover how best to serve humanity, the smile emerged as the simplest solution.  A smile can change the moment, the day, and perhaps the course of a life.  A smile has the power to change the world.  So, no matter what I do or where I go, I’ll keep on smiling, and, in return, thank you for that smile upon your face.

Instagram: @mcginleyamanda


Chairman of the Board- Aaron Snow.
Aaron is married to his best friend, Morgan. Together they have four beautiful children. Aaron and his family live in Ft. Worth, Texas where Aaron works full time in the Fiber Optic Industry as a Production Manager. He, his wife, and two friends also own Jackalope Beauty Lounge, an upscale boutique salon in the DFW area. Aaron serves on the board of directors for T.A.P., YWAM Austin, & is heavily involved various streams of church planting through disciple making. Deep relationships are of utmost importance to the Snow family. When they aren’t sharing a meal with friends you can find them camping in their 88′ popup trailer, hiking, cycling, or playing at the park.

Secretary/Treasurer - Nancy Rogers. 
By God's Grace and provision, Nancy has been involved in many non profit activities. She has been active in charitable fund raising for over 35 years. Being committed to God and family, many opportunities to serve were presented which she has gratefully embraced. After serving schools, churches, youth and senior activities, and various health organizations, she is currently focusing on church benevolence and The Archibald Project. She earned a Bachelor and Masters degrees from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. She has been blessed with two wonderful children whom each married exceptional spouses. Nancy has been married to Bob for 44 years and currently resides in the Texas hill country.

dave panos

Advisory Board - Dave Panos. Dave is a successful serial entrepreneur, missions ministry leader and experienced board member for Christian non-profit organizations, public companies and high-growth internet start-ups.  Dave is the executive director and founder of ServeHere, a mentorship and discipleship ministry for extraordinary college students. Outside of ServeHere, Dave stays active with ministry activities in Nicaragua, India, Uganda and inner city Austin. He and his wife Karen attend Austin Christian Fellowship Church.

C.P.A./Chief Financial Adviser - Justin Sadler.
Justin and his wife Amanda have 4 children, 1 of whom was adopted. Justin became aquatinted with The Archibald Project when his wife saw co-founder Whitney Runyon's post about an adoption she photographed in Bulgaria. Through Runyon's post the Sadler's found their son Brody in an orphanage in Ukraine. To this day the Sadlers still claim that if it had not have been for The Archibald Project they would not have found their son!
Justin has his own company, Justin Sadler C.P.A. He is a CPA who specializes in using the tools of accounting to assist in making sound business decisions while keeping business's financial records in perfect order. Justin graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a BBA in Accounting and is QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor.

Board Adviser - Morgan Snow.
Morgan is an active mother of 4 and full time Salon co-owner. Morgan is passionate about health, family, community, and truth. When she's not juggling 4 children under the age of 6 or transforming her clients into rock stars, Morgan can be found investing in the lives around her, preparing a fabulous meal, hiking, lifting weights and enjoying life to the fullest. 

Board Director - Nick Runyon.
Nick began flying at the age of 13, received his private pilot's license at 17, and became a professional airline pilot at 22. His passion for an airline career began to fade when he felt called to bring justice to orphans worldwide.
Nick is an avid wakeboarder and snowboarder, and when he's not working for T.A.P you can find him doing something active, usually with his dog Captain Hook in tow.  

jonathan patton

Advisory Board - Jonathan Patton. Jonathan lives with his wife, Anne, in Austin, TX, with their three children; J.D., Emily, and Charlotte.  Jonathan is a lifelong entrepreneur with experience launching and operating multiple ventures.  He currently serves as Managing Partner of Trivium Strategic Capital, a private investment management firm that invests in the Texas market.  Jonathan has previously served as an elder of his local church, and actively managed relief efforts to the Port-au-Prince area after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.

Board Director - Whitney Runyon.
Whitney holds a Theatre Arts degree from The University of Texas and she believes that acting for more than half of her life has helped shape her into an avid storyteller. Whitney's life and heart beat is justice and truth. Every aspect of her life, from relationships, to her faith, to her work, is centered upon these values. When Whitney isn't planning the future for T.A.P she enjoys long meals over spectacular food, lifting weights, and being outside.