The Archibald Project’s Media Missions are an avenue for you to join us and use your art to help advocate for orphans. On each Media Mission, we take a team of artists to work with a reputable partner organization. 

From the time you land in the country of the media mission to the time you leave, we organize all of your travel, food, accommodations, and schedule. This gives you the time and space to love, serve, build relationships, and document stories. 

In our Media Missions, the real work begins when you get home from your trip. We ask our Media Mission team members to take their stories and knowledge home and use their art and media to creatively inspire and educate their communities on how they can serve the orphaned and vulnerable children. You don't have to be a professional artists, you just have to be willing to share what you learn.

 Team members from our previous Media Missions have used their art to:

  • Inspire families to adopt
  • Challenge the traditional definition of 'orphan' and 'family'
  • Educate their communities about ethical orphan care organizations
  • Find sponsorships to support a child’s education
  • Form community groups to learn about how to ethically care for vulnerable children together
  • Lead teams back to the organizations they served
  • Raise funds to cover the unattractive costs of running an organization, including building projects, staff salaries, and utility bills
  • Raise awareness of the orphan crisis by displaying their art in public places
  • Prepare and give presentations in schools and youth groups


What previous team members are saying:

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.51.42 PM.png

"I honestly think it expanded my community's idea of what "missions" is. A lot of friends felt that since they weren't doctors or well builders that their impact in a foreign country would be minimal. Since coming on this trip I've heard several people say they'd love to go on something similar or find a trip in their field of interest." 

"It has changed everything. It's changed my perspective, my artistic goals, my dreams. It's changed my life."

"Media Missions definitely helped me view the world more holistically. I hadn't realized the American pride that makes us believe our way of living is correct. This trip grew my empathy and ability to be open-minded."

"This media mission broadened my views of the definition of family. I used to just see a family as parents, grandparents, children and cousins. Now I see a family as a safe place, a place where love is given and recieved – there are no other requirements other than that."

Past Team Trips

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