Join The Archibald Project in India for our March, 2016 Media Mission! 


india media mission
  • There are an estimated 15-25 million orphaned children in India.   
  • About 60 million Indian children under the age of 6 live below the poverty line. 
  • 500,000 children are forced into the commercial sex trade every year. 
  • 1 out of every 3 girls does not live to see her 15th birthday.     
  • 7% of infants die before their 1st birthday 
  • Statistics reveal that India has 17 million child labourers -- the highest in the world. 

We invite you to be  a voice for Indian orphans. Come and hear their stories, get to know their names and personalities, fall in love with children who have been abandoned by their families. During our March India Media Mission we will introduce you to a culture of vibrant colors, intoxicating foods, ancient culture and loving children. We will educate you on the orphan crisis and how you can help! We will dream big together so that each team member will return home with a powerful story to engage your community and rally for change! You might come on this trip as a stranger but will leave with new family. Will you serve with us?

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March 11- March 22, 2016.
You will leave for India on Friday, March 11th. Upon arrival on Saturday the 12th we will spend the night in New Dehli as a team. On Sunday, March 13 we will spend the day exploring New Delhi and getting to know the culture! On Sunday night we will travel to the village where the orphanage is located and spend the next 7 days in bunk houses on the orphanage land. We will spend Monday-Saturday getting to know and documenting the stories of the orphaned children of The Good Shepard Agricultural Mission. Sunday the 20th we will leave the home for some debreif time as a team. We will all fly out Monday night and everyone should arrive home Tuesday, March 22nd! 

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10 Full days of life changing experiences. Each day you will be stretched beyond your comfort zones. You will feel emotions you've never experienced, you will hear stories you can't believe and you will fall in love with a country and people you've yet to meet. 
Each team member will be commissioned with documenting a story, taking it back to their communities, and advocating for the children and organization you meet. We are looking for writers, bloggers, photographers, videographers, painters, calligraphers, really any form of storyteller. Not a photographer? Not a problem! Every team member (including us!) will be asked to share their art with each other so that each person can effectively share their experience and advocate for the orphans you meet. Our desire is to equip and cultivate a community of artists who are all using their talents to serve orphans, remember it's not a competition. To ensure that each team member has the opportunity to grow as an artist we will spend time with each person delving into their art, passion, voice and desires to help equip each person to truly grow as an artist and individual. 

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Each person's trip will cost them $2150. With The Archibald Project being a 501c-3 nonprofit we will provide each team member will the materials needed to effectively fundraise for their trip. This is an opportunity for you to invite your community to join you in India through financial support! 
Fees Cover:
-In country transportation
-All meals in country (not including alcoholic beverages)
-Room and board at orphanage
-Room and board in New Delhi hotel upon arrival and at debrief hotel on last night
-Workshop style storytelling sessions as a team and one on one time with team leaders. We will go over your vision, your art, ask you hard questions and help develop your art and voice as an individual and storyteller! 
Fees Do Not Cover:
-Round trip airfare, however an Archibald Project leader will work with each team member to help find the best prices, group member's flights together when possible and schedule everyone's arrival into India for the same time. *Current roundtrip tickets are around $1030. Just remember, we will coach you through fundraising :) 
-Souvenirs and or gifts
-Alcohol (alcohol is not permitted on orphanage grounds)
-Additional food one wishes to purchase while traveling

Our Media Missions are first and foremost an avenue for people to advocate for the orphans they meet. We do not allow cameras or cell phones on the first day or two with the kids to ensure that you are fully present with the children and seeking to learn about who they are as people. During our time together the team leaders will help each participant form a story that will powerfully advocate for the orphans of The Good Shepard Agricultural Mission and spend time with each member in a Dream Session. Dream sessions are hour long exercises with the focus solely on one team member to help he/she dream big for their future as an artist AND their story for the orphans of India. To read more about our previous Media Missions, click here! 

(Please download your application from the link above, and email all filled out applications to with YOUR NAME in the subject.  A team member will be in touch A.S.A.P. Thank you!)


"I honestly think it expanded my community's idea of what "missions" is. A lot of friends felt that since they weren't doctors or well builders that their impact in a foreign country would be minimal. Since coming on this trip I've heard several people say they'd love to go on something similar or find a trip in their field of interest." 

"It has changed everything. It's changed my perspective, my artistic goals, my dreams. It's changed my life."

"Media Missions definitely helped me view the world more holistically. I hadn't realized the American pride that makes us believe our way of living is correct. This trip grew my empathy and ability to be open-minded."

"I deeply enjoyed the chance to build relationships with kids. It wasn't just coming in and viewing their situation from a place of safety, it was becoming emotionally invested in their stories and lives. It was deciding to walk into an uncomfortable place in order to hear a story worth telling. It was beautiful to have time to be wrapped in another culture and viewpoint of the Lord."

Are you ready for your life to be changed forever? 

***(Photos from The Good Shepard Agricultural Mission)***