It is a tragedy that there are children in our nation sleeping in office buildings because they do not have a safe home to rest their heads. It is a tragedy that so many children do not know the loving touch of a mother or father. And it is a tragedy that not more people are stepping up to care for our nation's most vulnerable children. But there is hope! 

Below you will find real stories, testimonies if you will, of real people somehow involved in the U.S. Foster Care System. We believe sharing real stories is the number one way to inspire others into action and we have seen the stories below inspire people to love and serve foster children. We want to see the number of children (currently somewhere around 415,000) in our country's  system vanish! But the only way we can wipe out the foster crisis is if we have more educated people stepping up and getting involved in foster children's lives. How do you move people to action? You tell a story. So please share the stories and podcasts with everyone you know. Together we can end this tragedy. #livefostercare