Dear Sharon - Guest Post

Sharon.  My bold, brave, sweet Sharon.  I have not forgotten you.  I am now your sponsor.
Sponsor.  [Spon-ser]  Noun.
  1. A person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing.
I vouch for you Sharon.  I am responsible for you.  I am for you.  I believe in you and I bless your life.  I declare that God is for you and is going to use you.  I believe He has grand plans for you.  I see strength and tenacity in you.  I admire your reckless abandon as you worship.  I sense the Spirit of Jesus in you.  I dream about the woman you will become.  I imagine what you will do and how you will be used.
Sharon you matter.
Sharon you are beautiful.
Sharon you are worth it.
Sharon I love you.
I am not a savior.  I cannot sponsor all of them, but I do sponsor one.  With the resources I have been given I can change one life.  One life will be given opportunity and food and shelter and an education.  One life will be prayed over and vouched for and rooted on from across the globe.    And one life matters!
Through sponsorship one life will be affected.  Imagine if this one life went on to affect one other life or one hundred other lives or one thousand other lives!
It could happen and it starts with one.
Please consider sponsoring one of these exquisite kids.  It makes a world of difference.  It has a huge impact.  It matters.  As humans we need one another.  We were created for community.  We are better together!
Friends, let’s get all remaining 18 kids sponsored by the end of the week!  Together we can!
Powerful words by one of our February Media Mission Team members, Jacki Potorke.  To join Jacki in changing the life of one child forever, click here!
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(Photos of Sharon by Jacki, her new sponsor from our February Media Mission!)