Brody's Homecoming

This story is near and dear to our hearts. Brody's adoption is one of the major reasons of why we started The Archibald Project. We traveled with a family, the Eichers, to Bulgaria in August to document their story, and the Lord used this story and our pictures to lead Amanda and Justin to Brody.

I was awoken at 3 a.m to a text message from a friend saying "your pictures are changing lives." I didn't know what that meant and was too tired to try and figure it out.  I went back to sleep and assumed the late night text was a dream :)  Later that day, my friend contacted me and told me that someone she knew was now adopting a little boy from Ukraine who was HIV+.  The Lord had used our photography to lead them to their son. DANG! The Lord totally humbled us and spoke to us that day about how real this is and how we can help save lives through photography.

Please check out their entire story here: