In 2011 The Archibald Project began as an idea to photograph a friend's adoption in Bulgaria. Whitney and Nick Runyon, co-founders of T.A.P., traveled with the adoptive father to document a very powerful adoption of an eight year old boy with Down Syndrome, which you can read more about here. After the Runyons shared this adoption on social media, Whitney received an email from a stranger letting her know that the photos from this adoption had inspired her family to adopt a little boy who was chronically ill. Without these photos, this family expresses they would have never found their son.

You can imagine the power of that email. The Runyons filed to become an official 501(c)3 shortly after they saw the power media posses to help orphans. The Archibald Project has been working towards inspiring and educating people around the world ever since.

After a few years and trips around the world, the Runyons saw that while adoption is wonderful, there are many other ways to care for orphans. Not everyone can adopt, but everyone can do something

These, however, are our stories of ordinary people, just like yourself, choosing to care for orphans through adoption.